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SawasdeeShop Company Limited (“The Company" or “DeeMoney” or “We”) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of those who use DeeMoney services (the "Service"). The Company use advance technology and high security to store and protect personal information. The company has assigned only company officers or related parties to access to personal information. The Company also provides a system to strictly monitor an access and use of your personal information, as well as improve and develop the collection and storage system of personal information as regularly to ensure the reliable and secure of such storage system and to prevent the leakage of personal information, editing by unauthorized persons, or misuse of the personal information. This Policy describes the types of personal information that is collected, the purpose of collecting personal information to be used or disclosed, type of persons or entities in which The Company may disclose/share personal information that been collected, rights of the owner of personal information, and duration of storage your personal information, as well as other information related to the handling of personal information by The Company. This policy in this part of the Terms and Conditions of The Company and The Company may edit, improve, add, or change this policy, which will notify you and request your consent as required by personal data protection law..
1. Information covered by this Policy
This policy covers all information about a person, which enable you to be identified directly or indirectly ("Personal Information"), that you have provided to The Company or DeeMoney Services, or you allow The Company to gain access, which includes the following information
(a) Personal data such as name, first name, family name, date of birth, ID number, address, phone number, mobile phone number, email, LINE ID, photo ID (front and back side), laser identification number of ID on back side, Photos, Biometric, personal sensitive data when The Company conducts checking in order to comply with the laws and regulations, or any other personal information that can identify yourself.
(B) Information on financial statement, income, transactions, locations where the serviced are used, and/or your interests when combined with other data that make it possible to identify the ownership of data.
2. The Personal Information we collect from you
The Company may collect personal information directly from you and/or from other public sources. In case you have provided your personal information to third party such as name and emergency telephone contact, you represent and warrant that that you have obtained the necessary consent from that third party about your disclosure and the collection of your personal information. Such third party persons have given their consent to collect, use and disclose your information in accordance with this policy.
The Company may access information on your certain parts of interest and/or your liking and/or your access to websites by using cookies on DeeMoney websites and DeeMoney Service Applications. The cookies on the websites and applications will collect your personal information and the company can access to such information. This is to enable the Company to offer services that best meet your requirements.
Your communication with The Company, whether by telephone, e-mail, DeeMoney Application, applications that used to communicate, Customer Service, or any other means, The Company may record such communication sessions for the purposes such as evidence, develop and improve services, monitor your satisfaction, training our staffs, staffs evaluation, data analysis, as well as the system development.
3. The purpose of storage, process, disclosure and/or transfer of the personal information
The Company may store, use, process, disclose and/or transfer your personal information for the following purposes:
• Providing our services to you
• Conduct research, tracking, monitoring, and analysis your personal information to improve and update The Company’s products and services, or offer new products and services to suit your needs, whether offered by The Company or our business partners
• Risk management activities
• Comply with laws and regulations as well as regulator’s guidelines or requirements
• Exercise rights of claim under the contract or create The Company’s legal rights to you
• Carry out operational purpose within The Company or any affiliates
• Perform sales and marketing activities, including promotion of products and services, whether by The Company or its affiliates or others
• Monitor and evaluate The Company's services and relationship management with you
4. Third parties that we may share your personal information
We may disclose your personal information to third parties as indicated below,
4.1 Service Providers - The Company may disclose the personal information to its service providers including government agencies which the Company has requested the services. The said service providers will use such personal information to the extend as permitted by the Company and in accordance to this Policy only. The disclosure shall be made to the necessary extend only (Need-to-know basis). An example of services providers are as follows:
• Professional advisors such as financial advisors, legal advisor, auditors, etc.
• Infrastructure and IT service providers
• Data storage providers, including cloud service providers
• Marketing service provider, research service provider, data and statistic service provider
• Advertisement agency, public relations agency and communication agency
• Payment system and payment network providers Service provider related to systems and payment network and payment service providers
• Cash management or payment service providers
• Document compiling, storage, and publications
• Financial institutions and other third parties that the company use as service providers
• Information service providers such as NetBay, Department of Administration (DOPA) or Legal Execution Department (LED)
4.2 the affiliate of the company. The company may disclose your personal information to third parties where there is agreement, in partnership with various financial institutions, such as a partner company sales representatives. Outsource contractors in business operations, etc.
4.3 When it is required to disclose the personal information to any other person as stipulated by law in case there is applicable law, regulations, rules, and an order of government agency, the authority responsible for overseeing or the court order or judgment.
4.4 Assignee of rights and/or duties from the Company in the event where the Company wishes to assign its rights and duties including business assignment whether in part or in whole, merger, and reorganization of shareholding of The Company. The Company must disclose the personal information to assignee (including those who have the possibility to be assignee) where the rights and duties of assignee regarding personal information shall be in accordance to this Policy
The information disclosure in clause 4.1-4.4 above may include the disclosure within Thailand or to overseas.
5. Rights of owner of personal information
5.1 Consent: You have the right to provide your personal information to The Company, including the rights to give consent to The Company to store, use and disclose such personal information. You must acknowledge that providing incomplete personal information as requested by The Company, or are not giving consent to store, use or disclose of such personal information may limit your rights to use certain services of The Company, or may result in The Company not able to provide services to you if such personal information is necessary for The Company to provide services to you.
5.2 Access to the information: You have the right to request an access and obtain a copy of your personal information that stored by The Company, or requesting The Company to send your personal information to the owner or the personal information controller (If such information is in the form that can be done). You can also request The Company to disclose your personal information acquisition if such information that you do not give consent to storage
5.3 Objections: You have the right to object the storage, use, and disclosure your personal information if such personal information is collected by The Company without your consent. Or that information is used or disclosed for direct marketing or research purpose.
5.4 Removing, destroying or suspending: You have the right to request The Company to remove, destroy or suspend the use of your personal information that maintained at The Company, or request The Company to change such information as unidentified user if you withdraw or oppose the collection of your personal information or when there is no need to collect, use or disclose from what you have consented, or when The Company fail to comply with the personal data protection law.
5.5 Editing Information: You have the right to request The Company to edit your personal information stored by The Company to be accurate, current, valid, and not cause a misunderstanding.
5.6 Withdraw of consent: You have the right to revoke consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information. However such a revocation of your consent must not affect the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information that previously given consent. Upon the revocation of consent, The Company may not provide services to you.
Exercising your right, you acknowledge that your right as the owner of the personal information specified in clause 5.1-5.6 is a limited right under the relevant laws. The Company may refuse the exercise of such right in case The Company has reasonable ground according to the law.
6. Duration of storage your personal information
The Company will store your personal information until the time as permitted by relevant law, which currently keep personal information at least 10 years from the date of relationship termination. However, The Company may continue to store your personal information after the end of such period if it is considered necessary to store your information to meet the storage purpose, or for any necessity as the Company considers appropriate such as the enforcement of rights under the law or the contract with The Company, etc.
7. Contact Information of The Company
If you wish to contact The Company to exercise your rights of personal information or if you have any questions about your personal information, you can contact The Company as follows:
1. Call Center +662-821-5555
8. Application of Privacy Policy
You hereby acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy applies to all personal information we collect and you agree that we have the right to store, maintain, use and disclose to other people your personal Information which have been collected by us (if any) as well as any personal information currently collected and to be collected by us in the future within the scope provided for in this Privacy Policy.
9. Language
Any translation of this personal data protection policy is provided solely for the Customer’s convenience and is not intended to amend or modify any provisions of the personal data protection policy. In the event of a conflict of the Thai version and other language version, Thai version shall prevail.
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