Terms & Conditions

By logging into the system, the service users (“you”) agree to comply with the terms and conditions of use (“Terms and Conditions of Use”) hereinafter set forth including those specifically set forth in any part of this application. In this regard, you understand and agree that the Terms and Conditions of Use are subjected to be changed without prior notice.

Any change to the Terms and Conditions of Use shall be posted in this application . When you access to this application after such change has been made, it shall be deemed that you accept and agree with such Terms and Conditions of Use. Hence, you are responsible for regularly check the Terms and Conditions of Use.

If you do not agree or wish to reject to be bound by any Terms and Conditions of Use, please kindly exit and do not use this application.

In these Terms and Conditions of Use, “application” shall mean DeeMoney mobile application provided by Sawasdeeshop Co., Ltd. (“DeeMoney”) and/or application under any other name developed or customized by DeeMoney from this application for a third party, including but not limited to Computer version application, Website version application, mobile version application and other electronic devices such as Apple Watch etc.

Our Terms and Conditions use the following definitions:

" Receiver" refers to the person named as the beneficiary of the money transfer;

" Sender" refers to the person who initiated a money transfer through the Deemoney Service;

1. Ownership and Intellectual Property

1.1 Any materials contained in this application , including but not limited to, messages, contents, pictures, photos, information tables, exchange rate (if any), trademarks, graphics, audios, design of application screen, design of user-interface, any form of information, any programs, software include in or made available on or through the application (collectively referred to as “Content” or “Contents”) are owned by DeeMoney or the respective owner who grant a license for use of those materials to DeeMoney . All of the Contents are protected by intellectual property and/or other forms of propriety rights under the laws of Thailand and/or other countries regardless of any form and whether or not registration has been made.

In this regard, you are required to obtain prior written consent from DeeMoney before using trade names, trademarks, service marks and other logos owned by DeeMoney including any intellectual property include in or made available on or through this application for any purposes.

1.2 Except for the intellectual property owned by DeeMoney , all other trade names, product names, trademarks, service marks and other logos including any intellectual property include in or made available on or through this application are used in an editorial fashion or made available to use as part of this application for the purpose of decorating this application only. DeeMoney , as an application provider, has no intention of commercial or intellectual property infringement.

1.3 Unless otherwise indicated in this application , any Contents, files or documents provided on this application , you may only view, download, upload the Contents and print any document of the Contents for your own personal and non-commercial use. On this basis, you also agree to keep all contents pertaining to copyright and other right of ownership that appear in this application. You may not copy, store or download either in hard copy, copy in electronics format or in any other forms for the purpose in transmit, transfer, perform, broadcast, publish, reproduce, create a derivative work from, display, distribute, sell, license, rent, lease or otherwise transfer any of Contents to any third person whether for direct commercial or any gain or otherwise without the prior written permission from DeeMoney .

2. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

2.1 This application is to disseminate exchange rate information and to facilitate international remittance only. DeeMoney is not in any way offering its recommendation or legal advice including trading or investment recommendation in relation to exchange rate contained in this application. Moreover, DeeMoney shall not be deemed to be your agent or representative and to be connected to any transaction with you that arises directly or as a result of access to this application whatsoever.

The Contents contained in this application are presented based on “as is” basis without direct or indirect guarantees or warranties by DeeMoney of any kind. DeeMoney does not make any representations regarding the completeness, accuracy, recency or reliability of the Contents and information or any guarantees of a result and appropriate use of the Contents contained herein and use of this application . In no event shall DeeMoney be responsible for any loss or damage or any profit and loss arising from the use of this application and/or the use of Contents contained herein in any circumstance.

2.2 DeeMoney does not warrant that the access and use of this application shall be continued, uninterrupted or without delays or any errors. Moreover, DeeMoney does not warrant that the application shall be free of malicious programs which may cause damage to system or information in your system, for instance, viruses, Trojan horses or other harmful files (collectively referred to as “Defects”) regardless of whether such Defects are caused by human or electronic error or other events beyond its control. DeeMoney shall not be responsible for any damage or loss arising from such Defects in any circumstances.

2.3 DeeMoney reserves its rights not to grant you permission to use this application and may change or withdraw the application , in part or in whole, at any time without any prior notice or state of purposes in doing so.

2.4 Any and all Contents , including but not limited to, articles, details and/or information include in or made available on or through this application belong to each writer or author. DeeMoney is permitted to broadcast such Contents . The Contents, hyperlinks, pictures, photos and other matters, comments or opinions located herein shall be deemed as opinions or points of view of each writer or author and shall not be related or deemed to be agreed, accepted or supported by DeeMoney.

2.5 Unless otherwise specified under the Terms and Conditions of Use, DeeMoney , directors, managers, executives, officers, employees, agents of DeeMoney shall not be liable for any fault or error of this application or information or Contents contained in this application and shall assume no responsibility in any omissions relating to this application whether in contract, tort, negligence or other consequences which might happen even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

The application contains links to third party sites (“Linked Sites”). Please note that hyperlinks from this application to Linked Sites are provided for your convenience only. These Linked Sites are not under the support or control or responsibility of DeeMoney. DeeMoney is not capable of approving for the correctness, reliability or security of the Linked Sites and shall not be liable for any of your loss or damage suffered from using or hyperlinking to such website. Also, you should study terms and conditions of use of the Linked Sites.

4. Privacy Policy

Your personal information on this application, for instance, your registered information, your information of the usage of this application and/or other information of you, shall be protected under this Privacy Policy. For more information, please see Privacy Policy

5. Application Security Policy

DeeMoney has adopted security standard technology for internet transaction to protect your information when sending and receiving information via communication network and to prevent data theft from any unauthorized person or network which access to DeeMoney’s network, for instance, Firewall, Secured Socket Layer (SSL) code etc.

6. User Identification (User ID) and Password

6.1 To use this application, you shall be required to have your own username (User ID) and password. You shall keep the username and password confidential. Any access or transaction arising from login usicng your username and password in this application shall constitute correct and complete action by you. In case of any damage for whatever reasons, you shall be responsible for all such actions. You further agree that you shall not object or demand DeeMoney to be responsible for the damages on your behalf.

6.2 You may change, suspend or cancel your username and password and/or the usage of this application at any time by yourself via any channels in accordance with the conditions and procedures prescribed by DeeMoney. DeeMoney shall assume no responsibility for any damage arising out prior to the effectiveness of the process of such suspending or terminating.

7. Violation of Terms and Conditions of Use

In the event that there is a violation of Terms and Conditions of Use, DeeMoney reserves its right to suspend any access to or terminate any services rendered on this application without prejudice to DeeMoney’s rights to be indemnified under the Terms and Conditions of Use or any other rights under the relevant laws.

8. Services

8.1. By completing and consenting to the information required to make a money transfer order and by accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Sender instructs Deemoney to execute a specific money transfer in respect of such order, as accepted by Us, subject to these Terms and Conditions. Every individual money transfer order constitutes a separate agreement between Deemone and the Sender, which is limited to the execution of a specific money transfer in respect of such order only. We have no obligations to any other party. At no moment in time is a framework or master agreement concluded between You and Us, which obliges Us to execute each and every individual and subsequent money transfer transactions. The Sender shall inform the Receiver of the money transfer accordingly.

8.2. Subject to statutory or regulatory requirements. Account-based transfers generally take up to 5 business days for regular money transfers. For some countries, the service may be delayed or other restrictions may apply.

9. Freeze / Cancel / Refund

9.1. Subject to Applicable law prohibits money transmitters from doing business with certain individuals or countries; DeeMoney is required to screen all Transactions against lists of names provided by the governments of the countries and territories in which We do business, including the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the European Union and AMLO etc. If a potential match is identified, Western Union researches the Transaction to determine if the name matched is indeed the individual on the relevant list. For this purpose, Western Union is entitled to request from the Sender or the designated Receiver additional details and proof of identification which may cause the Transaction to be delayed. (including transfers that originate and terminate outside of the US). DeeMoney may, in certain circumstances also be required to freeze the amount of moneys received, where any refund of moneys received would constitute a violation of any applicable law (including regulations aimed at preventing fraud, money laundering or financing terrorism).

9.2. You have the right to request for cancellation of a money transfer order issued through the DeeMoney Website within 14 days. The request for cancellation must be notified to Us in writing by e-mail to support@dee.money However, this right of cancellation does not apply if We have already paid out the funds to the Receiver before We received Your notice of cancellation. When exercising Your right of cancellation prior to Our having paid out the funds to the Receiver, We will refund the principal amount of the money transfer to You and do not charge any cancellation fees. Transfer fee will not be refunded to You if the money transfer order is cancelled at Your request.

9.3. We will refund to You the amount of the money transfer at the DeeMoney exchange rate valid at the moment of the refund, however at least at the nominal value of the transfer amount insofar as the funds have not been paid out to the Receiver. The method of refund remains at the discretion of DeeMoney. Generally, payment was made by credited back to the bank account. In some cases, a refund may need to be made available through an agent location.

9.4. DeeMoney are liable to You for the proper execution of the money transfer order in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This means that we will refund the principal amount of the money transfer and the transfer fees if a money transfer failed or was faulty due to Our default.

10. Governing Laws

The Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws of Thailand.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Company SawasdeeShop Limited (the "Company") recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of those who use its services (the "Service") by the Company's use of advanced technology and high safety for. storage and privacy. The company requires that only officials of the company. Or related parties only have access to personal information, the Company also provides a system for monitoring access to and use of personal information very seriously. As well as provide for the improvement and development of the collection and treatment of personal data regularly to enable the storage of personal information must be secure. And to prevent the leakage of personal information. Editing by no personal responsibility involved. Or personal information to misuse this Policy describes the types of personal information that is collected. The purpose of collecting personal information to be used or disclosed. Type of person Or entities in which the Company may disclose personal information that companies collect. Owner Privacy Time to collect. As well as other information Related to the handling of personal data of company policy in this part of the terms and conditions of use across the company and could improve further policy changes as this will give you notice and consent. from the law on personal data protection requirements.

1. Information under this Policy

policy only applies to this issue any information about a person, which makes it possible to identify that person, whether directly or indirectly. ("Personal Information") you have provided to the Company. Or you can allow companies to gain access. It includes the following information

(a) personal data such as name, date of birth, address, phone number identification. Mobile phone numbers, email LINE ID photo ID. (Front and rear), rear identification number laser. Photos, Biometric, personal data sensitive. The company has been on the company carry out any investigations. In order to comply with the law And related regulations Or any other personal information that can identify you.

(B) Information on financial transaction data and revenue. Work is active services. And / or interests when combined with other data that make it possible to identify the person who owns the data,

2. collection. And get your personal information.

We may collect personal information directly from you. And / or from other sources that are open to the public. If you give your personal information to third party companies that provide information such as your name and telephone number of person to contact in an emergency. You represent that you have to let that person know about the revelation. And the collection of personal information by the Company. And such persons have given their consent for you to collect, use and disclose such information in accordance with the policies of this release.

Companies may access information on your interest. And / or to your liking And / or access to websites. With the use of cookies on websites. And an application of the company. The cookies on this website. And an application of the company will collect your information. And the company will have access to such information. This is to enable the Company to offer services that meet your needs as possible.

In your dealings with the company, whether by telephone, e-mail application of the company. An application that is used to communicate. Customer Service Or contact by any other means. The Company may perform data communications for purposes such as those to be used as evidence. To develop and improve services To track your satisfaction. Training for staff Personnel Appraisal To analyze the data As well as the development of the company.

3. The purpose of the collection, processing, transfer, use or disclose personal information.

To collect your personal information. The Company may collect, use, processing, transfer or disclose your information for the purposes of the following:

• provide its services to you

• Research Track process and analyze your information updated. Products and solutions And / or service or to develop and offer products. And / or new services To suit your needs. Whether offered by the company. Or business partner of the company

• the management of risks associated

• Compliance with laws and regulations as well as guidelines or requirements of agencies that oversee the operations of the company

• the rights under the contract. Or the right of lawful to you.

• Compliance with the policy implemented within the company. Or affiliates

• perform or promote marketing activities. And promotion The product release And Services Whether the company itself. Or its affiliates Or of others

• Monitoring and evaluating the company's services. Management and the Company's relationships with

4. The company may disclose personal information personal.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties. As indicated below,

4.1 The service provider; That serves companies The Company may need to disclose personal information you provide to service providers. The company, which provides services to government agencies, including the company's request with various service providers. Stated below The service provider will use the personal information you have as a company license. And must comply with this policy. The disclosure of such information would be disclosed to the extent necessary. (Need-to-know basis) only.

• Professional advisors such as financial advisors Legal advisor, auditor, etc.

• Infrastructure and information technology service providers

• Storage providers, including cloud service providers

• Marketing service providers Which includes service providers to create data and statistics as well

• Advertising service providers information And communication

• Service providers related to systems and payment networks

• Cash management service providers or various payment agents

• Service providers in the process of preparing, storing documents and publications

• Financial institutions and other third parties that the company uses to provide services to you

• Information service providers such as NetBay, Department of Administration (DOPA) or Legal Execution Department (LED)

4.2 the affiliate of the company. The company may disclose your personal information to third parties where there is agreement, in partnership with various financial institutions, such as a partner company sales representatives. Outsource contractors in business operations, etc.

4.3 any other person by law in case of legal rules and regulations that are relevant. Command, the Government agency that is responsible for the supervision or orders of the judiciary authorities, companies, disclosure of your personal information. Companies are required to disclose such personal information.

4.4 transfer of user rights and/or obligations from the company in the event that the company wishes to transfer the rights and obligations of the company, including the transfer of some or all of the parties. Mergers and to modify the structure of the company, shareholders are required to disclose your personal information transferee (including those who have the possibility to be transferred). By the rights and obligations of the transferee in respect of your personal data will be subject to this agreement did, with.

Both these Disclosure requirements 4.1-4.4 above may disclose information within countries as Thailand or to disclose information to overseas.

5. Rights of owners of personal information.

5.1 Consent: You have the right to choose to provide any personal information requested by the company. And allow the company to store, use and disclose such personal information, or not, only you must acknowledge that providing incomplete personal information as requested by the company Or not giving consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such personal information may limit your right to use certain services of the company Or result in the company not being able to provide services to you at all if such information is necessary for the company to provide services to you

5.2 Access to information: You have the right to request access. And obtain a copy of personal information relating to the company that is stored Or requesting the company to send personal information to the owner of the information or the control of other personal information (If such information is in the form that can be done), and you can also request the company to disclose your personal information acquisition if such information that you do not give consent to storage

5.3 Objections: You have the right to object to store, use and disclose of personal information related to you. If the information is collected by the company without the consent of you Or that information is used or disclosed for direct marketing Or for research

5.4 Removing, destroying or suspending: You have the right to request the company to remove, destroy or suspend the use of your personal information that the company has maintained. Or allow the company to provide such information as information that cannot be used to identify the owner of the information If you withdraw Or oppose the collection of personal information related to you Or when there is no need to collect, use or disclose the purposes for which you have consented Or when the company does not comply with the laws relating to the protection of personal information

5.5 Corrections: You have the right to request the company to make corrections to your personal information stored by the company as accurate, current, complete and not misleading.

5.6 Revocation of consent: You have the right to revoke consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information. But the revocation of your consent will not affect the collection, use or disclosure of personal information that you have previously given consent.

The revocation of consent will Impact to the company could not facilitate the service.

In exercising your rights You acknowledge that your rights as the owner of the personal data specified in clause 5.1-5.6 above are rights that have restrictions under the relevant laws. And the company may refuse to exercise your rights if the company has a legitimate reason to deny the exercise of such rights

6. Period of collect personal information

By the law. We keep personal information at least 10 years from the date of account closure or relationship termination. However, the company may continue to store your personal information after the end of the period if the company considers that the company still needs to store your information for use in the purpose of collecting the information as follows. Or for any other necessity that the company deems appropriate, such as the enforcement of rights under the law or the contract of the company, etc.

7. Contact

If you wish to contact the company To exercise your personal information rights Or if you have any other questions about your personal information You can contact the company as follows:

  1. Call Center 02-821-5555

8. Application of Privacy Policy

You hereby acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Information we collect and you agree that we have the right to store, maintain, use and disclose to other people your Personal Information which have been collected by us (if any) as well as any Personal Information currently collected and to be collected by us in the future within the scope provided for in this Privacy Policy.