DeeMoney : International Money Transfer

This all sounds too easy. Is this legit?

DeeMoney is the first and only non-bank entity in Thailand to have obtained the necessary special international money transfer and money exchange licenses as issued by the Bank of Thailand. These include an Authorized Money Transfer Agent License, an E-Payment Service License Type C (3), and an Authorized Money Changer License.

The level of difficulty involved with setting up international money transfers with Thai local banks is often due to the individual bank and their set bureaucracy. Many expats have experience with the time-consuming administration involved as well as flat-out rejections for their international bank transfer applications.

At DeeMoney, disruption and innovation are in our DNA. We leverage the latest cutting-edge technology to make international transfers simple and completely expat-friendly!

IF by some incredible chance we haven’t answered a question you have here still, please feel free to contact us with your inquiry directly. We’ll be in touch asap.

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