Terms & Conditions

The Applicant hereby agrees with Sawasdeeshop Company Limited (hereinafter called the “DeeMoney”) to comply with the following terms and conditions:


1. The applicant agrees to comply and are bound by these terms and conditions, DeeMoney may edit or add additional terms and conditions at any time. And that the applicant can continue using the service after the amendment thereof. Considered that you agree resolved.

international remittance sevice

1. DeeMoney will proceed with remittance as specified in the application when DeeMoney has received payment therefor together with the required commissions, fees and expenses in full, In the case that the agent bank or Beneficiary Bank charges an expense for the requested services in addition to those fees as specified and announced by DeeMoney, the Applicant agrees to pay such additional expense to DeeMoney, may be made by the DeeMoney debiting such account. If additional expense are charged, the Applicant agrees to pay all such expenses to the Deemoney and authorizes Deemoney to debit the account specified in the Application for such payment. 2. The Applicant acknowledges that, In the event the Deemoney is unable to effect the remittance as requested and the refund is to be made, the Deemoney shall refund the amount in the currency received. Where the amount refunded is in Baht, the Applicant agrees that Deemoney may use its prevailing Buying Telegraphic Transfer Rate at the time of the refund. 3. Where the remittance requires that relevant documents and evidence are to be submitted pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations relating to the foreign exchange control, the Applicant warrants that all such documents and evidence are true, accurate and complete. 4. The Applicant warrants that the aggregate amount of all remittances made by the Applicant in the current year does not exceed the amount prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations relating to the foreign exchange control. 5. The Applicant acknowledges that Deemoney is extitled to reject the remittance requested in the following circumstances:

  • If Deemoney suspects that remittance requested may be a transaction connected with any illegal activity, money laundering, financing of terrorism or not in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations,

  • Deemoney is of opinion the the information furnished to the Deemoney by the Applicant is not accurate and complete, or

  • The Deemoney has any other reasonable ground.

In the event the Deemoney rejects a remittance under the said circumstances, the Applicant agrees not to claim for any damages from the Deemoney and shall be fully responsible for any claims that my be the Beneficiary

6. In the case where a loss or damages is incurred as a result of Deemoney gross negligence of willful misconduct, the Applicant agrees that Deemoney shall only be responsible for the loss or damage that will ordinarily be incurred but the Deemoney liability shall not exceed the amount requested to be remitted and Deemoney shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from not caused by Deemoney fault. The applicant agrees that Deemoney shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any force majeure event; failure or default of any communication network, computer system or any equipment; foreign exchange fluctuation; or any laws or regulations of the countries where the relevant Deemoney foreign banks are located or the rules of such foreign banks. 7. In the event the Applicant requests Deemoney to conduct an investigation on the delay of the remittance where the beneficiary has not received the funds within a reasonable time which is not caused by any fault of Deemoney, the Applicant shall be responsible for any and all expenses incurred to the Deemoney as a result thereof.

Record and Disclosure of Information

Governing Law These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand and the court of Thailand shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with the use of the services under these Terms and Conditions