Easy international money transfer registration.

Where can I register?

We currently have 2 DeeMoney branches located in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, find your nearest one here.

How long will the registration take?

Our staff will ensure the process is as quick and pain-free as possible. We’ll set you up as a DeeMoney Member and help you complete the minor DeeMoney mobile app registration steps too as quickly as possible.

I don’t live in Bangkok, will other branches be opening soon around Thailand?

At present, we have only 2 branches in Bangkok However, you can register via our mobile application available on both Andriod and iOS

What kind of documents do you have to need for the DeeMoney registration process?

For Thai Nationals:

  1. บัตรประชาชน (ทั้งหน้าและหลัง) พาสปอร์ต หรือ ใบขับขี่

  2. เอกสารที่ทางราชการเป็นผู้ออก เช่น บัตรข้าราชการ (ทั้งหน้าและหลัง)

  3. ทะเบียนบ้าน

  4. Selfie (ไม่สวมแว่นตาหรือหน้ากาก) กรุณามองตรงที่กล้อง

For Foreigners: 1. Original passport - Photo or Scanned 2. Work permit (front and back) 3. Visa OR A Government-issued ID from your home country in English (front & back) OR Thai Driving license (front & back) 4. Selfie (without glasses & mask) - Make sure to look at the camera

Do you need a long-term Non-Immigrant or Permanent Resident visa? Or is a tourist one sufficient?

DeeMoney requires you to have an eligible visa status.

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