Where can I register?

We currently have four DeeMoney branches located in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, find your nearest one here.

How long will the registration take?

Our staff will ensure the process is as quick and pain-free as possible. We’ll set you up as a DeeMoney Member and help you complete the minor DeeMoney mobile app registration steps too as quickly as possible.

I don’t live in Bangkok, will other branches be opening soon around Thailand?

At present, we have only four branches in Bangkok However, we have plans to optimize our partnership with other money outlets to expand the number of places you can register in Thailand. We are also working to overcome the hurdles involved with realizing a full online registration process too in the near future.

What kind of documents do you have to need for the DeeMoney registration process?

You can become a DeeMoney Member with just ONE piece of identification. Whether it’s your Thai driver’s license or National ID card, your passport or your work permit, we’ll accept any one of these as long as it’s valid.

Do you need a long-term Non-Immigrant or Permanent Resident visa? Or is a tourist one sufficient?

Unlike Thai local banks, DeeMoney doesn’t require you to have any particular visa status. You can become a DeeMoney Member if you’re visiting Thailand for ten days or ten years.

Do you need a work permit to become a DeeMoney Member?

DeeMoney does not require you to have a work permit, but you can use one as your single form of identification if you wish.
Last modified 2yr ago