How much can I transfer?

You can send up to 800,000 THB per day. Customers can only send 690,000 THB per month via the DeeMoney Mobile application, but there is no limit if sending via any of our DeeMoney branches.
*Some conditions may apply and are subject to change.

How much will my transfer cost?

DeeMoney charges a flat fee of 150 THB for international transfers to the following countries: Cambodia, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. However for China its 300 baht and 0 fee for Myanmar.

Are there any additional charges?

DeeMoney prides itself on being completely transparent about its fees. Compared to steep Thai bank charges of over 1,300 THB, with DeeMoney there are no hidden transaction fees, no recipient fees, and no surprise exchange rate fees. Just direct Thai baht to local currency conversions, so that you don’t incur any exchange losses between the sender and recipient bank.

How long will my transfer take?

The duration of international transfers depends entirely on the recipient country. You can follow the process of your transfer on the DeeMoney mobile app though, and you’ll receive a status update when your transaction is complete.

Which countries can l send money to through DeeMoney App?

Through the DeeMoney Mobile App you can send money to 17 countries worldwide. Find Our More Here

Which countries can l send money to through DeeMoney branch?

If you visit one of our DeeMoney branches, that number expands to 180 countries across the globe—thanks to our Moneygram services. Find Out More Here
Last modified 2yr ago